Clean and dirty air fans


DCP supplies a broad range of low- and medium-pressure centrifugal fans suitable for overpressures and/or vacuums. The clean air fans are mainly used for the suctioning of air from the dust filter. The dirty air fan is deployed in applications where the air is polluted with powders and short material. The fans have straight radial ending vanes in these models.


Conveyance fan


This type of fan is deployed to convey long threaded (for example, woodchips) and sticky material.


All fans can be supplied as a steel-coated and stainless steel model. The fan can also be installed in a 22 area in accordance with the ATEX95 guideline in the EX-II-3D model. The fans can be equipped with sound dampeners or integrated in a sound-dampening housing to reduce the noise level. 


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